Research Proposal on Teenage Pregnancy

Research Proposal on Teenage Pregnancy


What is teenage pregnancy? Researchers have now been able to define it and state that teenage pregnancy occurs when an underage girl becomes pregnant. Most often, the high school and college level girls make boyfriends easily and get easily attracted toward developing physical relationships with them. In one way or the other, the teenage pregnancy is not what our society supports or permits, and it is believed that sexual activities should be stopped due to the adverse effects of adolescent pregnancies. Because of this issue, the drop-out rate has been increased significantly, and a lot of teenage girls get poor scores in their classes. Not only this but also many of them fail to complete their graduation and are forced by their parents to get married as soon as possible.
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The Research Proposal on Teenage Pregnancy

The purpose of this research proposal sample is to give you an idea of how teenage pregnancy impacts the lives of various girls and how to come up with such a paper. It tends to explore the effects of adolescent pregnancy on the academic careers of girls, most of whom fail in the exams and are pushed behind the competition.

The Key Research Questions

The main research questions of a teenage pregnancy research proposal prepared by are as follows:

  1. Should teenage boys and girls be allowed to study together given that their chances of developing physical relationships are high?
  2. How teenage pregnancy effects the education of numerous girls in the United States, Canada and other parts of the world?
  3. Does getting pregnant contribute to finishing studies early?
  4. What is the role of parents in the lives of pregnant teenagers?
  5. How does the society take them and what type of behavior and treatment they have to tolerate?
  6. How does the life of a teenager as well as her study patterns change when she gets pregnant?
  7. In what ways do teenagers react to the news that they are pregnant at this early age?
  8. Do they feel shy and hesitate to speak the truth regarding with whom they had a sexual relationship?
  9. Does this pregnancy impact their academic goals and achievements?
  10. What types of measures should be taken to prevent teenage girls from getting pregnant during their study period?

The Aim and Objectives of the Research Proposal

One of the main purposes of this study is to find how teenage pregnancy leads the girls to quit on their studies and plan marriages at an early age. Keeping in mind the main theme and the issue, it is easy for anyone to write such a research proposal. While the content is being written, we should try to evaluate the changes in their academic performances and the way they deal with day-to-day issues after getting pregnant.


Surveys can be conducted, and both qualitative and quantitative methods can be opted for while carrying out the study. However, it is important to take care of the quality, and when a survey is being conducted, we should protect the name and private details of the participants and promise that their data will not be lost or shared with anyone, at any cost.


The data collected is further analyzed to come up with satisfactory outcomes, and it should be based on truth and facts. There is no need to fabricate the things or write false stories just to make the research proposal look beneficial.

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