How to write a dissertation discussion

When it comes to writing a dissertation, the discussion chapter is one of its significant parts. Hundreds to thousands of students studying in colleges and universities remain concerned about how to write the dissertation chapter. Just like other chapters of your dissertation paper, this one has its own format, and some rules are to be followed at any cost to ensure your success in the academic career. If you do not structure this chapter well or keep on talking about useless things in this part, you may end up losing your marks and failing in the class.

Know the goals and approaches of writing

What is the goal of writing the dissertation discussion? Do you know anything about your writing approaches? It is a must part of your project. You should pay utmost attention to achieving desired goals and mentioning the importance as well as writing approaches. Some of the goals of the discussion chapter are writing your interpretation, sharing your opinion regarding a particular issue or topic, explain the positive or negative impacts of the findings, suggesting and predicting future in your specific field. If you have missed any of these points or fail to come up with the satisfactory content, you can never be assured of your success.

Supporting your answers

Sometimes it becomes necessary to support your answers in the dissertation discussion, and it is where you can seek the help of your supervisor or take inspiration from the works done by other scholars, students, and researchers in the same field. Explain your answers briefly in this chapter, and relate them to the main hypothesis or thesis statement. You should bear in mind that the discussion chapter is where the committee will pay utmost attention, so if you attempt it generically, you will never be able to impress them and will lose your credits.

Structure it well

It is important to structure it from specific to the generic, meaning you should expand your research in the beginning and support all of your points with multiple day-to-day or scholarly examples. Later on, you should create a general framework of the ideas and stay stick to the main hypothesis or topic. The tense can be past or present, but no future tense should be used in this portion. Ideally, you can divide the discussion chapter into different sections to make it easy for yourself and your readers to understand it. You can keep the tone of your introduction chapter maintained, but ensure that everything is written from scratch and no line or phrases have been copied in the two chapters. If you stuck at this part of you writing – visit the website for a quality assistant.
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Relate it to your results

While explaining the things in the discussion chapter of your dissertation, you can relate it to the research you have conducted and the results you have obtained. However, there is no need to rewrite the results or methods since it is an entirely different chapter. Keep things as simple and understandable as possible, and do not repeat the previous chapters’ content in this part.

Final thoughts

It is essential for every student to master the skill of writing the discussion chapter. If you want to achieve success in the academic career, you should practice writing from now and prevent yourself from copying the materials from online or offline because it is called an academic theft and is prohibited at all class levels.

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