Catechetical Leaders Training Course (CLT)

CLT is a diploma course with a duration of 30 days in a year including classes on Saturdays, holidays and short camps during vacations – with a minimum of 150 hours. The course includes.

  • Community build up programmes
  • Practical outreach programmes
  • Opportunities for personality development and leadership training.

The participants will have to do a lot of personal work based on the guidelines given during the course. Each one is expected to write a dissertation for the successful completion of the course, under the proper guidance of an expert teacher in the subject concerned.


The aim of the course i to empower the participants to be efficient faith formators in their respective parishes.
Formation of the archdiocesan team of catechists to give effective leadership in the various catechetical activities of the Archdiocese. Becoming model faith formators true to the heritage of the St. Thomas Christians, they may be inspirers and promoters in transforming every parish into an ideal Christian community especially through the catechetical activities.


1. Bible 2. Liturgy 3. Catechetics 4. Ecclesiology 5. Church History 6. Sacraments 7. Moral Theology 8. Patrology 9. Educational Psychology and Counselling.


Diploma will be awarded to those who successfully complete the course. Dissertation, attendance, general conduct and performance, examination results, participation in practical trainging programmes etc., will be considered to decide the diploma holder.


The course is open to all the faith formators of the archdiocese who have completed the BCT course. Candidates may send the duly filled application forms with written recommendation of the respective parish preists. The application should reach Sandesanilayam office on or before 15th of June every year along with a copy of the BCT certificate. The selected candidates will be informed at least one week before the commencement of the course. The course will be inaugurated on the second Saturday of July.